The crisis in syria a simple

Syria A country smaller than the state of Victoria with almost the exact same population as Australia The Egyptians fought the Hittites for control over western Syria; the fighting reached its zenith in BC with the Battle of Kadesh.

During the fall of Assyria, the Scythians ravaged and plundered much of Syria. Sections of Syria were held by French, English, Italian and German overlords between and AD during the Crusades and were known collectively as the Crusader states among which the primary one in Syria was the Principality of Antioch.

With all of this going on in Syria a lot of Syrians are forced to flee to other countries.

Syrian civil war

Embargoes and sanctions on Syria Embargoes and sanctions on Syria only aggravate more the situation. Meanwhile the bodies stack up Two years ago, the death toll including civilians and combatants was around thousand.

This drew attention from the international community. What happens next The world waits.

Syria crisis

Will this in some way help stop the war. But they all want Islamic rule in one way, shape, or form. Prior to the Arab Islamic Conquest in the 7th century AD, the bulk of the population were Arameansbut Syria was also home to Greek and Roman ruling classes, Assyrians still dwelt in the north east, Phoenicians along the coasts, and Jewish and Armenian communities was also extant in major cities, with Nabateans and pre-Islamic Arabs such as the Lakhmids and Ghassanids dwelling in the deserts of southern Syria.

As Syrian activists improve their techniques for transmitting photos and videos of the violence to the outside world, accounts and footage of torture, displaced families, and horrifying deaths have flooded the mainstream media.

Every player in this war wants something different. Half of the country's population has been displaced by the war.

Syria Crisis Explained

But there is evidence that the chaos caused by all the various factions in this war may produce exactly that result among the Syrians left behind. Bombs and rockets rained down on the city for weeks, killing hundreds of people -- many of them civilians.

The Assad family has held power in Syria since Remember, Assad is said to have committed atrocities against his own citizens, including the use of chemical weapons a claim which is disputed. And there is a very strong division between them.

From this point, the region became known as Aramea or Aram. In December and January, two separate bombs targeting security forces killed dozens in the Syrian capital Damascus.

Every player in this war wants something different. Because of the Suez Crisis inSyria signed a pact with the Soviet Union, allowing a Communist foothold in the government in exchange for military equipment.

Syria's civil war explained from the beginning

This angered neighboring Turkey, but brought Syria closer to Egypt because of their socialist leanings at the time. The Syrian civil war, also known as the Syrian uprising or Syrian crisis (Arabic: الأزمة السورية ‎), is an ongoing armed conflict in Syria.

It is a conflict between forces of the Ba'ath government and forces who want to remove this government. 10 simple points to help you understand the Syria conflict SYRIA is messy, violent and almost impossible to understand.

The health crisis in Syria. What is happening, in ten simple points.

This won’t make you an instant expert, but it’ll sure help. Sep 17,  · Why is the refugee crisis all over the news? How is this related to Syria? Why should we care at all? Donate to the United Nations Refugee Agency.

Quick facts: What you need to know about the Syria crisis Share this story: But one fact is simple: millions of Syrians need our help. According to the U.N., $ billion was required to meet the urgent needs of the most vulnerable Syrians in — but only a little more than half was received.

When did the crisis in Syria start. Syria crisis. Complete coverage of the multi-front war in the heart of the Middle East $ million for the White Helmets and a U.N. agency accounts for a fraction of some $ million in.

The crisis in syria a simple
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The Syrian Refugee Crisis Explained Perfectly With a Simple Animation & Video