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If you wish to honour Gordon's life with a donation, his family would appreciate that it be made to the Salvation Army or the Boys and Girls Club of Kingston.

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Beth Brant is a Bay of Quinte Mohawk from Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory in Ontario.

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She was born May 6, She is the editor of A Gathering of Spirit, the ground-breaking collection of Author: Beth Brant. Brant is the author of Mohawk Trail (), which includes poetry, stories, and essays; the short story collection Food and Spirits (); and the nonfiction prose volume Writing as.

Beth Brant is a Bay of Quinte Mohawk from the Tyendinaga Mo-hawk Reservation in Ontario, Canada. Her paternal grandparents moved from the reservation to Detroit, Michigan, where Brant was born in Her mother was white (Irish-Scots) and her father was the Inside Looking at You,” from Writing as Witness: Essay and Talk.

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Beth E. Brant (Indian: Degonwadonti) (born Melvindale, Michigan or in the Tyendinaga reservation in Ontario) is a Mohawk writer. She is known as a theorist ("writing as witness") who has had a profound effect on literary activism in the Americas, as the producer of a substantial body of work in short fiction, nonfiction and poetry, and /5(27).

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Writing as witness: essay and talk. [Beth Brant].

Beth brant writing as witness the
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