An analysis of the plot against the medicis in april blood a book by lauro martines

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This should be done more often because history is not boring, despite desperate attempts from many to make it so. Three Rivers Press a literary analysis of the street lawyer by john grisham is very proud to publish Jean Plaidy. At any rate, this It's rare to find a history book which is accepted by academia and interesting to the general public, but this is one of them.

A tangle of Florentine interests now came to light, revealing a dangerous archbishop, a cosseted papal nephew, and the Pazzi - an ambitious family of bankers with lofty connections abroad.

Martines includes a few letters discussing potential brides. I was looking for an introduction to the fascinating Pazzi conspiracy and this did not disappoint.

April Blood: Florence and the Plot Against the Medici

The social, economic, "And as he worked to make Florentine public authority the possession of the Medici,his constant claim was that the good of Florence and the good of the Medici family were one and the same.

The subject is fascinating because Lorenzo was essentially pulling the strings of Florence's government, despite the fact that Florence was a republic with a constantly shifting group of people in power. Against all odds he managed not only to survive but to preside over one of the great moments in the history of civilization.

Florence In Aprila plot to murder the two heads of the powerful Medici family miscarried dramatically in the cathedral of Florence.

Other members of the Pazzi family were tacked down and killed, they family fortunes confiscated, and their name eradicated. January 1, Katie I really appreciate Lauro Martines, because he is one of the few academic historians out there who genuinely seems to care about making history interesting, exciting, and accessible.

All Italy was at once affected, as it emerged that the Pope, the King of Naples, and the Duke of Urbino were deeply implicated in the plot, and that binding treaties required Milan and Venice to assist Florence. But he also became a tyrant as he gathered power, particularly after the attempted assassination.

April Blood: Florence and the Plot Against the Medici by Lauro Martines - PDF free download eBook

All remaining members of the larger Pazzi clan were forced to change their surname, and every public sign or symbol of the family was expunged or destroyed.

Focusing only on the plot against the Medici family really means the text needs to be drawn out to make it more than just a chap book. The reading I had done made Cosimo much more a favorite, but Lorenzo was critically important to what we were doing.

I have multiple gripes with his approach, and could write a few pages but here's one example: Medici revenge was swift and brutal--plotters were hanged or beheaded, innocents were hacked to pieces, and bodies were put out to dangle from the windows of the government palace.

This time is necessary for searching and sorting links. April Blood offers us a fresh portrait of Renaissance Florence, where dazzling artistic achievements went side by side with violence, craft, and bare-knuckle politics.

She then goes on to discuss the significance of the woman's familial ties, and the potential assets she might bring. And in the process, Lorenzo consolidated power though it didn't last long beyond his lifetime. A true "Renaissance man," Lorenzo dazzled contemporaries with his prodigious talents and magnetic personality.

I admired the handling of the confession of Montesecco-it is hard not to be sympathetic to the Pazzi family, the auction of the estates, their fortunes, the cruel revenge on their posterity, and turning out to be the biggest reason for the consolidation of the Medici power and ambition, and indeed the decider of Florence's future; it involved practically half of Italy against the Medici brothers.

If I hadn't just read Tim Powers's book, I would've had no idea what he was talking about. It tells an exciting story loaded with real conspiracy theories and it jumps around to touch on other aspects of life in 15th century Italy.

Questo libro racconta con precisione storica le cause della congiura e le sue conseguenze portando anche gli esempi di Milano e Roma. We certainly get a well-rounded view of the city of Florence and who lived there.

January 1, Laura It's rare to find a history book which is accepted by academia and interesting to the general public, but this is one of them.

This volume focuses upon the Medici grand dukes, who were at the height of their powers from to On a Sunday in Aprilassassins attacked Lorenzo and his brother as they attended Mass in the cathedral of Florence. Martines April Blood centers on the Pazzi conspiracy of April to kill Lorenzo and Giuliano de' Medici and free Florence, Italy from a perceived politically tyrannical family.

I enjoyed the book which made me reexamine my own views of the Medici. Lorenzo de' Medici certainly was a conflicted, paradoxical, proud, skilled diplomat, and a ruthless megalomaniac. Actually I was waiting on the proper review because I was wavering between 3 and 4 stars and I thought the only fair thing I could do is wait until morning to see if I finished April Blood a couple hours ago.

I picked this book up for my recent trip to Florence. Turned out to be a great choice. Easy to read and informative, April Blood tells the story of the Medici, the Pazzi, international banking and the politics, economy and society of Renaissance Florence.5/5(5).

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Buy the Paperback Book April Blood by Lauro Martines at, Canada's largest bookstore. + Get Free Shipping on History books over $25! One of the world''s leading historians of Renaissance Italy brings to life here the vibrant--and violent--society of fifteenth-century Florence.

April Blood: Florence and the Plot against the Medici. Lauro Martines April 24, $ $ We see Florence, a city freed from the oppressive reach of the Medicis, lurching from one crisis to another, trying to protect its liberty in an Italy descending into chaos, with the new head of the Republic in search of a metaphor that will.

For the many readers fascinated by histories of Renaissance Italy--such as Brunelleschi's Dome or Galileo's Daughter, and Martines's acclaimed April Blood--Fire in the City offers a vivid portrait of one of the most memorable characters from that dazzling era.

An analysis of the plot against the medicis in april blood a book by lauro martines
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